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So guys I wanted to give you a taste of what you can expect…..


Firstly, welcome and congratulations on making the first step to thinking about your career seriously. As you all already know I work directly with Colleges around Ireland and work directly with many companies. I am the voice and bridge between Millennials and Companies.


It really is a exciting time but I also know it’s a scary one too. There is so much for you all to consider from, thinking about where you want to start your career, then how to get started, how to dress professionally… and I haven’t even mention creating your CV…. This can be very daunting process


I wanted to engage and create a page and site that will be your “one stop for all” for anything professional. I think back to when I started my career, If I had this site to help It would have really awesome!!!  I would have benefited so much from this information and knowledge.


So my aim and my passion is to create this page as a comfort blanket for anyone starting off in their career or changing roles. I understand how hard and challenging this is.



I am so excited to hear from you all too.. Please Remember no question is a silly question. Please feel free to ask for any advice on concerns you may have. Do this now before you make that transition from college life to a working life.




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