Dress to impress………

Written by David

Ok lets be honest, i need to talk about this area. What do we wear when going for an interview, going to an event you name it… We panic!!!!

Even if we are really prepared…. sometimes our attire can let us down. Sorry but its true….

As a generation we have so many challenges before we even meet anyone. People have an opinion of us and it’s not a great one.. so adding the wrong fashion into the mix. .. our first impressions can really go against us.

So in this fashion section i will be sharing both MALE and FEMALE advice on professional wear.

Ladies: We are going to talk make up and hair styles…

Lets remove the scary point of “how do i look” we want you to feel professional and uncover your own true style.

Every time i’m at a event speaking or even delivering training into a company.. this is also a hot topic from Millennials. I get asked all the time on style and what is the right style.


So watch this space, no promos here.. just some great advice of removing the fear of thinking ” oh no what will i wear” and allow us to focus on interviews and how you execute your brand.






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