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We finally have a voice. I am so proud of everyone across the country who took part in our less than 24hour survey. We are able to now start sharing the right content around us Irish Millennials and what amazing results.

I am going to write about each result sharing my thoughts as your expert and keep pushing more surveys on a month basis.


Irish Millennials more engaged in the workplace than American counterparts

Lisa Smith of EngageSmith1
Lisa Smith of EngageSmith

Ellie Donnelly

Irish millennials are more engaged in the workplace than their US counterparts, despite recent talk of employers struggling to understand how best to motivate those workers born between 1980 and 1996.

A good working relationship between the millennial and their boss is key, according to the EngageSmith Millennial Workplace Survey which surveyed 200 young Irish workers.

Almost two-thirds of those surveyed said that a poor working relationship with their boss would cause them to be less satisfied in work, while 60pc said that an unfriendly atmosphere would cause dissatisfaction.

But research in the US found that millennials are far more disengaged from work, with 71pc either not engaged or actively disengaged, according to research carried out for the ‘Harvard Business Review’.

“Enabling millennial employees to have a good working relationship with their managers and offering training and development opportunities that will fast track their careers will create the environment that Irish millennials want from their workplaces,” Lisa Smith of EnageSmith said.

Almost-two thirds of Irish millennials view career progression as the most important factor in work, with three out of four willing to leave a company if they felt that there was a lack of development opportunities.

And one in five cite wanting more responsibilities and opportunities as the reason to change jobs. In addition, 59pc said they plan to move jobs in the next year, while 41pc left their last job due to insufficient salary. “If companies want to attract and retain the top millennial talent they must offer competitive salaries and opportunities for millennials to progress their careers within the company,” Ms Smith said.


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