A Thank you from Lisa

Written by David Larkin

So i’d like to firstly say how Over whelmed I am with the support this week. It has been a busy week to say the least and the team and I are very excited about the next chapter.

Both Millennials and fellow business owners have been very supportive and the kind messages I have received have been read and I promise I will respond to each one.

Just a little insight to how the week was approached and conducted 🙂

We have been working on this growth from Day 1. I always envisioned myself going global with the programs I was creating. So we knew Tuesday the 9th was our launch date…. and believe me it created butterflies in my stomach, but really good ones.

SO when our news hit the papers, and it was amazing to see how many papers it hit , from Independent, Business,  Fora News, Aib, Bank of Ireland, Irish Tech and several more. I am very grateful for the support and the excitement created around next 12-18months in Engage.

SO I started my morning with Vincent Wall from NewsTalk and for the first time in a studio and going live on radio ( it can be very daunting) but I couldn’t of asked for anyone nicer to be honest. NewsTalk was an amazing experience…. and that was only the start…

To be invited in on several phone calls throughout the day to todayFM lunchtime News and then to be asked into studio with the famous Matt Cooper. I couldn’t have gone any better. Some tough question of course but really enjoyable!!!

NOW I daily train people and speak in large groups but in front of a microphone in a studio was an amazing and different experience.

So the week has been very full on, feeling I’m being pulled in every direction and I had to pinch myself every so often and remind myself… I’ve been working for this moment for 3 years and it’s finally happening…. it’s a huge moment that needs to be enjoyed not feared.

This is only the start and I cannot wait for you all to see the next launch and see the work that we have been doing to build this momentum. We are so excited to hire more people and build out our team…

Thank you again for all your support and I’m really really excited and energised to start the next big chapter.



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