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Written by David Larkin

So a topic that just keeps coming up weekly.

Honestly i’m only too delighted I can be a source to help with today’s big challenges. Getting ready for the big Interview or meeting can be very daunting and i understand that. We see all these people on social media who look flawless and not to mention the snapchat filters 🙁  Sometimes before I speak at an Event or even go on site with companies. I do have some key items I use to try stay young and fresh for as long as possible.

I’m a bit stereotypical when it comes to items I use. One week I like one product and the next I’m trying something new ( think most of us are like that) but one thing is for sure… I don’t look for advice from bloggers anymore 🙁 I’ve realised it’s a promotions platform and I’ve  lost the trust and advice from them. So this isn’t a promo of any sort, its me sharing the 3 products I use weekly that I wouldn’t go without.

Soooo my weekly prep starts on the weekends. Depending on what speaking events I have, travel and what type of training sessions I  am delivering during the week will depend on the prep I do.

But one thing is for sure…. MY SKIN is always my number one priority. Sooo just some tips on how I try to keep my skin clear ( spot free) and some things I’m  not so good at & wish I was better… oops

Cleansing wasn’t something I was into honestly a few years back.. I would just consider washing my face with warm water to be enough… oops how wrong I was. The older you get you kinda appreciate your skin a little more and as I’m representing the Millennials out there… i don’t want try skin and wrinkles just yet. So I’ve taken my skin and how I view it allot more seriously the past year. 🙂

So cleansing is defiantly something I  do daily and made it my “night time routine” even with a 19 month old I make sure I have “my time” to ensure my skin stays fresh.. And honestly it’s made a big difference ( I don’t think I look any younger now.. but I feel better with smooth skin) so it help my confidence.

The few I have used that I find good ( no promos here) is the Dermalogica Cleanser, honestly why I like this ( it’s not the price), but it does remove heavy make up quite easily. Sometimes I put some concealer under my eyes and that can be heavy some days.

After this I then use ….. my favourite item ever and it ACTUALLY lasts a very long time. I’ve not found one better over the years ( so I’ve been using this item for nearly 3 years now ) The Kiehls Night Oil. You only need a small amount and it’s a little pricey also, but honestly one product I couldn’t live without.

So before the stage and photos days I lean very heavily on the secret that is no secret the BioMiracle face masks. Sometimes I worry about the lighting on stage esp with doing full on demonstrations so this little gem refreshes the whole face and gives me a huge confidence boost.  I use the face mask and miracle eye patches. So if you have big interviews coming up, and if you are  lacking in confidence this is what i would recommend. We have all been there where a spot appears on the worst days ever!!!

“When your skin feels good you feel good”.  and beige me I can stand over that statement.

So this is my face “nighttime routine”, whether I’m training large groups with big customers, speaking in colleges around Ireland, or standing on a stage speaking at events, this little routine has helped me with my skin and confidence.

I also used these products leading up to my wedding. So make sure you create your own Nighttime routine and try stick by it. It ain’t easy I know!!!




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