Most asked Questions about Millennials Part 2

 Hey Everyone,

So part 2 has arrived!! Its been a hectic few weeks to say the least. Our Millennial Friendly Index is underway and the next three months are booked up completely with  delivering programs. The good news is Companies are NOW changing to adapt their programs to become Millennial friendly. NOW is the time to do it!!! and WOW they are. It’s so exciting for me to deliver and create so many problems that will in turn help Millennial and future Talent shine and most importantly grow with the successful companies.

So the next batch of questions…… Enjoy

How do Millennials Communicate at work?

Millennials communicate differently from other generations at work. Here is a list of their preferred  communication methods in order.

  • Text- and now, in many cases. IM apps such as Whatsap or Slack are becoming more important than texting
  • Email, with the subject line being most important
  • Social Media
  • Phone Call
  • In-Person

Can a Millennial become a great Manager or Leader?

This is the Hot question! Simple answer Absolutely! But… (yes there is a big “but” here)…,companies need to continuously build their experiences, develop them with complete training programs and support is needed from leaders. This is where it can all wrong for Companies. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to attract Millennials… I mean I do see daily on LinkedIn the challenges recruiters have with today’s generation, but I can also see why this is happening. It’s not easy to get right, but do be sure to know Millennials won’t give away any information unless trust and report is built. So think about getting the right people trained on how to communicate with todays generation… Or you will always have challenges.

Transitioning from a peer to a leader is probably the hardest thing for Millennials, and most certainly we see that first hand ( our demand has double since last year)  and some FACTS that might help you “over 41% of Millennials are thinking about becoming a Manager within the first few years”. So if you want to retain them you need to invest in getting this right, or companies will also see a huge loss of employment at these stages. The most successful Millennial leaders out there know their own strengths. They invested in themselves or have been  fortunate enough to have someone invest in them.  I know there is allot of options out there for doing this. I’ve tried them all believe me… but our Strengths course is second to none and I believe there is no competition.  It’s obviously Millennial and intergenerational friendly. And thats a must in today workforce As it NEEDS to be.

SO yes… they can be great leaders and Managers, if invested in and provided with the right tool set to succeed.

Follow on from that answer, so what do you think Millennials should keep in mind before managing or leading?

Another great question, its very simple, just because you title says manager, doesn’t by any means demand that people will follow you. Leadership is very commonly used within companies, but I rarely see great leaders. Which is a real shame, as Millennials will follow true leaders…. but to answer your question more directly.. Firstly, don’t get hung up on your own age, or anyone else for that matter. Lead by example, and most important LISTEN and VALUE others. Then make the hard decisions and keep moving forward.

Why is it so hard to get information from Millennials?

Ahhh this question must be from someone recruitment. First stage of meeting a Millennial whether its phone or face to face. There are allot of reasons behind these behaviours but to make it simple to understand, i’ll zoom in on the main reason. SOCIAL MEDIA.. just think of how much detail today’s generation have up there.You can find anything you want about these individuals, who they follow, their network, what they like and personal information.. you name it. So they automatically believe you should know them before you speak or communicate. It does come across like an attitude problem and I’ve heard this feedback from many people dealing with Millennials daily and  I would agree it’s something that needs educating especially in a professional environment, but don’t be fooled this  isn’t going to change anytime soon. As much as we want them to do their homework, they also want you to do yours.

Why is it important to become Millennial Friendly?

I’m delighted this question got asked….. YOU HAVE TO. With unemployment down to 6.4% you have to Retain talent and Engage them correctly NOW. We have more choices out there as a generation and JOB HOPPING will be at it’s best if companies don’t invest in their people. Remember by 2025 Millennials will make up 75% of any given workforce.

This generation is driven by Money. Something I always read about is they aren’t. It drives me crazy!!!! In Dublin alone with rents, lifestyle and expenses they have to be. This is one serious  reasons “Job Hopping” is happening. When asked about this. I zoom in and ask why  I myself would I stay and commit with a company? ( act like a Millennial and think like them)

Do they get fulfilment, trained how they prefer,   Is there opportunity for growth and most important an opportunity to shine, work alongside other talent… or am I working to fulfil others dreams?? Think about the last sentence,…. they want you to be successful if that makes them successful.

Over 71% of Millennial are disengaged. This is a huge figure.

So make the changes and see the biggest ROI by investing in them. I have no doubt they may commit and invest in you also.


Whats the biggest challenge you see Lisa, why companies aren’t investing so far?

Another great question.  A Tender subject However. Allot of Owners or people in decision making positions carry allot of emotions with their jobs. Sometimes you have to place the emotions aside and get experts in to do what they do best. I do see allot of Ceo’s who generally think they are doing it correctly. They have great success stories and created jobs for these people YES!!!, but remove that emotion and create even more success. Other generations try to understand the mindset of Millennials and honestly its a huge challenge. That’s really why there are experts like me around the world.

I often say ” I tell owners their babies aren’t good looking” as their companies are their babies and it has to be respected, but in the times that we are in and by 2025 Millennials will make up the workforce by over 75% , we are advising them to  future proof their babies and NOW as they will seek the rewards in the long term. Otherwise they will suffer. We have also witness some unbelievable supporting CEO’s who have made the changes and acknowledged today’s generation preferred communication and programs. The respect has increased dramatically and he can now call himself a leader among his workforce. Its fantastic to see.


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