Why the 1st February is important to me

Written by Lisa Smith

Sooo guys when we came up with this idea… and confirm it’s from  hearing from all of you how much this type of site would benefit everyone starting off in their career or changing  even  careers. I believe this type of comfort blanket would be a one stop shop.. where you can be reassured you are hearing and getting the latest and best advice out there. Whether you are training to be an accountant, entrepreneur anything… We will advise you.

So when I was asked what date I wanted to launch this site…. there was no hesitation!! the 1st February was always going to be my chosen date.

And I’d love to share with you all why… why this means allot to me and hopefully through these posts you can feel my energy and passion for talent across Ireland.

We all have someone in our lives that have gone or if your lucky enough is still around. I lost someone on this very date that was a huge impact to my life and i somewhat believe his traits are the reasoning behind where i am today. This isn’t a sad day but a very joyful one as he would from a very young age see my passion in bringing out the best in people and my love for seeing people succeed. So in summary he is very much still a part of me. I believe if he was still here today it wouldn’t surprise him, this website is now created and my outcome to help and impact others in a challenging time of your lives. He would have been proud.


So let the 1st of February be the start of looking at your professional career differently. Allow my connections with companies and millennials  come together in a positive way ( my mission)  and allow real  super stars shine….


I am really looking forward to this website impacting so many people in the right way.



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