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Hiring Millennials

Written by David Larkin

Interviewing a millennial is hard for any non-millennials. I’ve had many years experience of recruiting staff and there is a very significant difference when it comes to hiring and recruiting millennials

First of all they tend to have a lot more research done on the company before they arrive. The access to the Internet, your website and sites such as Glassdoor will give the millennial a lot of insights into the company before they even arrive. As a result, you can expect to have some  pointed questions about your organisation at the interview.

The biggest issue that affects the interview process is one word: Choice. Millennials tend to have a lot of choice.

  • The skilled and knowledgeable Millennials usually don’t have any fear that if they don’t get this current  job role, as they are confident there will be another one coming along very soon so, companies today need to be ready and able to move quick.
  • Millennials really dislike long delays and uncertainty. It would be best to give millennials a decision quickly “yes or no” after the interview if possible and certainly no later than the following day. Of course unless it happens that you are doing multiple interviews across several days in such case set the expectation clearly in advance.
  • In the interview itself probably the most important thing to look out for is what is not on the CV, which is often more important than what is actually on the CV.

Recently I was interviewing a millennial and the two most important things that made me decide to hire her were not actually on the CV.  Millennials quite often don’t appreciate the value and importance of things like awards or out of work activity (captain of a football team) to be on their CVs. They  give you just the bare facts.

Interviewers need to be prepared to work hard on getting information out of millennials that could potentially be a hidden talent. You need to structure the interview to allow yourself to ask questions to uncover things not shown on the CV. It does take a little bit more effort but it pays dividends….

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