Top 5 Tips to getting ready for that Big Interview

Written by David Larkin

Hi Guys,

Ive put together some  5 tips on how to get preperared  as I’m frequently asked about this topic and personally i think this guide will help allot of you, as it would me..

So we have all been there and we receive that email confirmation saying “congratulations you are through to interview stages”…naturally in todays world we think about..”oh what will i wear” before we think about the content and whats required. Here are some Tips from my expertise thats will help you put your best foot forward and succeed….

So Tip 1

Enjoy this excitement and this is a huge step to your success.. read the requirements email in a comfortable surrounding, either grab a cup of tea, have a sandwich ..whatever, but try read it energised and excited.  For me i always get a cup of tea, a nice surrounding and read it with the correct mindset. This will give you a true flavour of how you can approach this big interview, how to get excited and looking at if positively. Don’t read the email if you are not in a comfortable environment. Naturally if we read the requirements in the wrong environment we can pick up these incorrectly. . everything about this process should be exciting..

Tip 2

You should be excited After you read the requirements you should be more energised and more excited… if you aren’t… maybe this isn’t the company or role for you. On average companies require more information about your success to date, and why you are unique?. Companies love things unique and diversity is they key word for 2017.  So you need to think from their perspective

” why should they invest in me”

Ask yourself

  1. What can I bring that’s different
  2. Show YOU, do not become what you think they are looking for
  3. Get comfortable about talking about yourself in a positive and unique way
  4. Diversity is key: Think about how you can add to a already exciting team
  5. Show you can work with other generations well and your excitement to want to grow with the company to succeed


Tip 3

Focus on yourself and what you really enjoyed through college or previous roles. Understand why you enjoyed those roles before you talk about them.  If you talk about something you aren’t comfortable with.. you will be caught out, the interviewer will pick up that you may not be comfortable and you are only saying what they want to hear.  You need to believe and understand whats unique about yourself and how you are worth investing in for the company. Think about the product they have created, the companies visions for the year, do they excite you? do you believe in the product? can you see yourself becoming part of that brand?

Tip 4

Cv preperation. Yes yes in 2017 this is still a very important requirement. For us millennials and gen z, we either love this concept or we really dislike it. From my expertise we struggle here and this is where we need to focus more.We either supply too much information or too little. so i’ll provide a guide in the future to help combat this problem area, but  here is some pointers to get you started,

  1. Most likely the interviewer is in another generation. They rely on your Cv for valid information and will zoom in on areas to engage. So be prepared and take all the above tips into consideration.
  2.  Keep the Cv clean.  Make sure it’s tidy, clear and easy to work from. On average 2/3 pages
  3. Use this Cv as an opportunity to nudge what you want to talk about…From your experiences and stories you believe would help create and show your unique qualities.
  4. Think of your Cv as a template to encourage the right conversations with the interviewer.  You need to do your homework and understand the company direction and growth.  Your Cv can be very powerful to create a perfect engagement.
  5. Don’t let it daunt you. If you are not comfortable with your Cv, seek advice, have an expert get involved… so many people use experts because its very hard to get a Cv to showcase you personally and professionally. It’s not easy!!!

Tip 5

What will I wear, yes yes yes!!!! Something we can do all the above tips amazingly..but first impressions are still extremely important. Don’t place more effort into your image and let your converstaion and execution struggle.. Don’t over dress for the interview.A suit and shirt will always work, and for males there is no harm in placing a tie on (this shows you are serious)

  1. Don’t over do the make up. Simple works well and gives off an impression you are more interested in the conversation and interview  than your image. Unfortunately we are still being judged yes!
  2.  Keep the hair simple. Tie it back off your face so the interviewer can see your expression and more of YOU. i’ll share some styles in coming weeks that will help.
  3. Dress in what makes you comfortable. Depending on what job you are going for, some require to dress to impress and some office jobs don’t… so be mindful of the envirorment you are hoping to join.
  4. Finally….. what would you think is a perfect look if you where the interviewer. I always say think of their position and how they will perceive you.


I hope you all enjoy these few tips and enjoy the exciting interview processes 🙂





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