Why Companies Need to become Millennial & Gen Z Friendly.

Written by Lisa Smith


I’m so delighted this was a topic voted by you all. Firstly, this shows me two things. One being a positive and the other a little bit of concern.


As of today, looking for that right job has become a serious challenge for Millennials. Let’s be honest we have too much choice. and if we make the wrong decision we can be lead us down the wrong path.

Companies also have some pressures, and that’s to be Millennial friendly… what that really means is “they need to invest in their people” so I’m going to give you two perspectives.

                                                                Millennials view V’s Employers View



So… Hey Millennials,

Yes you are in the prime time of your life where choosing your career can be many things… it’s daunting, exciting and by god a scary time for you. Well actually….. that’s only for a few of you guys!! I’ve seen so many Millennials make the wrong move or career choice that has really affected them in their long term career.

The most successful Millennials I meet are those who took the time to decide on the right company, invested in themselves, got prepared and thought about the long term goal.

Unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of sad cases where Millennials have no choice but to settle with no career goals, as they are unable to move jobs AGAIN.. simple reason to why this happened. you made the wrong choices that has left you with a bad reputation no one will invest in.


So listen up guys……

Yes.. we have a lot of choice out there, but we also have a really bad reputation and I’ve seen this first hand. When we decide or jump into the wrong role, we are punishing ourselves as we are adding to the negative perception… welcome to being called “job hoppers”!!

Those millennials with that reputation, are those millennials that stay static.


When I train companies on getting the best from this generation I tell them what Millennials are looking for and you should ask yourself these questions  before you think about who’s offer you will accept…


  • Is there a potential for you to grow?
  • Is this company Millennial friendly?
  • Does this company invest and promote internally?
  • Can I upskill and grow with the company?
  • If I was to commit to this company, will they commit back?
  • In 3 years’ time what does you career path look like?
  • Is there Training models to develop?
  • Will I be led by a professional?
  • Can I learn from their leaders?


If you are able to answer all these questions… then I would say.. GRAB that contract!!!


So Employers:

Today’s world of talent ( love them or hate them) are smart!!! It’s somewhat easy still to attract them, but it’s the wrong or lack of engagement that’s has you lose them. Dealing with Millennials daily I can confirm the most common reason they leave companies is….

“They left their managers” This is down to the company not having their managers trained or investing in their talent of Millennials.

Now it’s time to get Millennial Friendly and it’s a must!!

Companies that aren’t, will always have retention problems and a very high turnover with Millennials and GenZ.  Now I’m not saying it’s 100% up to you to create that magical relationship. I agree and support that millennials need to adapt to your style and culture (esp if leadership is in another generation), but employers need to lead by example.

i.e : A great example is that I was with a CEO only recently  who shocked me when he told me training his millennials was a priority 4-5 out of 10 for him. This is a great example of how Employers can go wrong. This is where the oil and water scenario occurs between different generations. Simple: If I was to ask this same question to a career driven millennial professional….. they would rate this 10/10.


If a millennial gets wind of this, they will not commit to you or your company.  You have lost their respect and this will affect the culture of the  company, not to mention retention. More importantly they need an employer invested in them, whom wants to see them succeed. A great quote I use all the time… “set Millennials up to succeed… not fail”.

We are in a time where diversity and adaptably is number 1 for this generation. They want leaders but will only follower the leaders that invest in them.

Otherwise the Millennial will be thinking “exit” and you won’t have any idea why….. They will use your company as a stepping stone to succeed which for an employer is a huge loss of ROI.


So we must become Millennial Friendly ., They need and want to be engaged and lead  correctly,  they want to be developed and   trained appropriately.

If we don’t do this it will become an extremely hard task to ask for their commitment.



I hope this article helps and gives you an idea of how important it is for both Millennials, GenZ and employers to come together.





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